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The Chronis store was founded by Thomas Chronis in 1972. He started his activity in the trade in 1935 as a coal maker and conductor transporting goods from Volos with his horses. His restless spirit, his passion for work and his commercial demon, created a counter with tools and immediately after a traditional grocery store. Then he opened a shop with hardware, timber, tools, irons on Larissis Street. In 1972 he made a new start in the store at 63 Lamias Street. The love of the people in his face, combined with hard work, honesty and good customer service, managed to create a decent business.

In the last 50 years, the company's range has increased to 30,000 codes, in items such as hardware, tools, plumbing, irons, stainless steel, fencing grids, paints, hunting items.

We are waiting for you in our renovated store to get to know the highest quality colors of the CHROTEX market. Now with the automatic color mixing machine of CHROTEX and in our comfortable space, you can choose over 50,000 color options, at low prices for any indoor or outdoor space.
We also have all the ISOMAT insulators and something that was missing from Farsala, the Old Times chalk paints with which you can renew your old furniture, yourself, in a very easy way!

Home is our little paradise.
That is why its walls must be works of art. To embrace us with the color we love, for a lifetime.
To stand the test of time and show the quality we want for our space.
With XPOTEX colors you can be calm for the result, for the appearance and the durability. You just choose the shade that you want to dominate in your life: the color that expresses you, that calms you, that travels you. And let XPOTEX color your dreams…

Did you know that ISOMAT pressed cement mortar can be painted?
ISOMAT DECO COLOR powder pigments are used in combination with the pressed cement mortars DUROCRET-DECO FLEX, DUROCRET-DECO and DUROCRET-DECO FINISH to create a variety of final shades.

Get rid of unwanted graffiti once and for all and make your walls new with the new cleaning and protection system from ISOMAT!
Use the new strong cleaning fluid GRAFFITI REMOVER and remove graffiti from spray, markers, etc. from your walls, but also from surfaces of metal, glass, marble, stone, concrete, etc.
Then, as a precaution, paint the cleaned surface with the new ISOMAT AG 80-2K two-component polyurethane paint to protect it from new graffiti and environmental pollutants.
ISOMAT AG 80-2K prevents the penetration of graffiti paints on the surface and allows their easy cleaning. It is suitable for surfaces of concrete, plaster, stone, metal, marble, wood, etc. and presents great resistance to time and weather effects.

Restoration colors

The style of restoration is very widespread, because it has the stamp of personal aesthetics and uniqueness. It combines modern dynamics with nostalgia, romance and aesthetic mood. Technique is not enough, but we also need aesthetics to give new life to the old things, which we are tired of, but we still love them and every time we look at them we wonder ...... "and now what can I do? ; " With a lot of imagination and learning the necessary techniques of restoration we learn to give new life and freshness to your old objects !!!