CHRONIS since 1935


The Chronis store was founded by Thomas Chronis in 1972. He started his activity in the trade in 1935 as a coal maker and conductor transporting goods from Volos with his horses. His restless spirit, his passion for work and his commercial demon, created a counter with tools and immediately after a traditional grocery store.

Then he opened a shop with hardware, timber, tools, irons on Larissis Street.

In 1972 he made a new start in the store at 63 Lamias Street.

The love of the people in his face, combined with hard work, honesty and good customer service, managed to create a decent business.

In 1979, his son Sotirios took over, continuing the upward trend, and following the successful steps of his father, he managed to include his store in the first choices of the province of Farsala.

The preference of the people helped to make a new investment in an adjacent store, as a result of which the customer service becomes more comfortable and faster in combination with the privately owned parking space of the store.

After the renovation of the store, new departments were created in the field of paints and hunting items, trying to expand the range with new items.

In the last 50 years, the company's range has increased to 30,000 codes, in items such as hardware, tools, plumbing, irons, stainless steel, fencing grids, paints, hunting items.